Monday, December 10, 2012

'Cora Flash and the Treasure of Beggar's Bluff' now available!

Cora Flash and the Treasure of Beggar's Bluff is now available on! If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry, you can download a free Kindle app for your iPad/tablet/phone or read it on your computer with the Kindle Cloud Reader. Just in time for the holidays!

 After a busy and mysterious summer, Cora is back at school and stumbles onto another mystery on her first day back! While researching a school project, Cora discovers a treasure map tucked inside a book at the library. Cora is thrilled, and with the help of her dog Calvin, she can't wait to find what the map will lead to. But someone else wants her map, and will stop at nothing to get to the treasure first. What is the treasure, and will Cora get to it first? Cora's friends Shelby and Tricia join in, and with Calvin leading the way, the treasure hunt is on!

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  1. Hello.
    This is the first time that I wrote to you .
    I'm Japanese and I'm not good at English very well, but I'm trying to read books that written in English.
    These days, I always read your book in my free time.
    I finished reading the first one of Cora series, so I'm now reading the second one!
    I've heard that you haven't published the fourth.
    I'm really looking forward to reading it!

    By the way, I love the dog, Calvin!
    Before I found your dog's photo on's homepage, I imagined how Calvin looks like.
    When I saw the photo, I was so surprised because he was exactly the same what I have imagined!!

    I hope your good luck for your work.
    (Sorry if I made grammar mistake...)

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy all three books (the second one is actually my favorite!)

    I am working on the fourth book and plan to have it out before the end of the year.

    Good luck with your english and thank you for writing,